WHAT IS Nitric Shock?

Nitric Shock is the best Energy booster that enhances blood circulation and oxygen during exercise. It also increased the level of nitric oxide. Scientifically, an approved formula that consists of powerful constituents.

You’ll experience the aids by incredible Strength Gains, Explosive energy and amazing muscular pumps.

HOW does IT work?

NO2 Max increases your natural nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator, which means it relaxes and widens your blood vessels.

Nitic shock is known as a powerful vasodilator, it increased the natural level of nitric oxide. During the workout, it rapidly transports oxygen, blood and nutrients to muscle thus increased the muscle strengthens and maximize the exercise potential.

It increased the muscle pumps for a longer time.

In Few Words

  • SAFE & LEGAL Formula
  • MASSIVE Strength Gains
  • INCREASED Energy & Endurance
  • MAXIMUM Performance
  • RAPID Recovery Times
  • FAST Recovery Times
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions
  • LONG Lasting Results with no Crash
  • FREE Worldwide Delivery


Vitamin B6

B6 is essential in the performance of different functions of the body and energy production. It is water-soluble vitamin also known as pyridoxine and important in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein for energy production in the body. It is also helpful in muscle movement and strengthens muscle mass. The nitric shock provides all things with 1 scoop. Athlete’s required more vitamins B6 for energy and muscle strengthening. Vitamin B6 also improves the mood by the production of melatonin and serotonin hormones. It is obtained from the supplements and food because a body cannot produce itself thus the nitric shock is the best formula.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

 It is essential in the metabolism of fats and proteins as well as in the formation of neurotransmitter and red blood cells. It takes from the foods or supplements. Its adequate amount is essential for the maintenance of good health. Vitamin B6 has impressive health benefits that are crucial for a healthy living.

May Improve Mood and Reduce the Depression

  • It has a significant role in Mood regulation and in Reduction of Depression symptoms. Vitamin B6 involved in the production of neurotransmitters that regulate and improves the mood and lowers the risk of depression.
  • May Support the Brain Health and Decrease Alzheimer’s Risk
  • Vitamin B6 decrease the homocysteine level that is related to loss of memory and Alzheimer’s disease and enhance brain functioning.
  • May Prevent and Treat the Anemia by the production of  Hemoglobin
  • 4 It is useful in Treating the  Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • During Pregnancy it is Helpful to   Treat the   Nausea  condition
  • It Prevents  Blocked Arteries and Lower Risk of Heart Disease
  • May Helpful to Inhibit Cancer
  • May Prevent Diseases of the eye and  Promote the  Eye Health
  • It has in Treatment of  Inflammation that Linked With Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Bottom Line

It is a water-soluble vitamin that important for different processes of body like production of neurotransmitter and regulation of homocysteine. Its proper amount is necessary for various types of health conditions. For staying the healthy its adequate amount is should compulsory through daily diet or from a supplement like a nitric shock.


Role of B2 (Riboflavin)

It is one of the most important vitamins necessary for the health of humans out of eight B vitamins known as riboflavin. It is essential for breaks down of food components (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein) and converts into the substance’s that’s body used as fuel. It is water-soluble and helps to absorb the nutrients, energy production and maintains the tissues.

According to the dietitian and health trainers of sports performance centre” During exercise body needs more energy”. It is most important for daily need of energy and women required more energy who works out regularly.

For the daily requirement of energy nitric shock is the best to supplement that gives you more energy and makes you stronger. Nitric shock fulfils the daily need because this vitamin cant store in the body it consumes every day.

It is obtained from some natural source and also taken as a supplement like a nitric shock. That gives you more energy and strengthens the body muscle and keeps you more active and healthy


The best vitamin for energy is the B12

Vitamin B-12 is required for the production of red blood cells, brain functioning and health of the nerves tissue. It is the most important form of Vitamin B and helps in the transport of oxygen in the body by the production of haemoglobin. It is considered an essential powerhouse of energy production in the body and also has an amazing role in the maintenance of brain health. It is known as essential nutrients for good health because it converts glucose into energy and provides to the body that maintains the energy level. It also performs a number of other functions that are important for good health.

  • DNA element production
  • Red blood cells production
  • Respiratory tract, gastrointestinal lining and regenerates the bone marrow
  • Maintains the health of nerves tissues
  • To keep away from the megaloblastic anaemia
  • Maintains the body balance
  • Improves the memory

Vegetables and meat contain a small amount of vitamin B12 but it not enough amount for the body requirement. Nutrition studies reported that healthy fit women required a daily amount of vitamin is 2.4mcg so the nitric shock is best for use it contains about 6 mcg in 100% DV. Deficiency of vitamin B-12 may lead to serious complications such as Crohn’s disease, dysfunctioning of the immune system HIV and gastritis. Some signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency are the following:

  • Stiffness, weakness and spasticity of muscle
  • Fatigue
  • Lowers the blood pressure
  • Incontinence
  • Trembling

These symptoms lead to health problems and not maintains the healthy life, Thus to avoid these nitric shock is best. Prefers the nitric shock formula and stay healthy.


Role of Choline

  Technically choline is not a vitamin B but some experts considered it a part of vitamins because it is very important in the production of energy. It acts as an essential nutrient that is the connection between the brain and muscle. It plays a vital role in the activation of acetylcholine it is a neurotransmitter that states the muscles movement. All the gym activities depend on the choline activation because it boosts up the energy level and muscle pumps. To get the daily required amount of choline recommended dose of nitric shock is best. It is the most important type of nutrient that must be involved in a daily diet for ideal health.

Choline aids number of Functions in the Body

Choline involved in important in processes of the body such as

  • Formation of cell structure: It has an essential part in the formation of cell structures. It is required fats that help in the formation of the cell membrane structural integrity.
  • Involved in cell messaging: It causes the production of different compounds that helps in cell communication
  • Helps in Fat metabolism and transport: It is important in the generation of substances that help in the removal of cholesterol from the liver. Insufficient amount of choline cause the accumulation of cholesterol and fat
  • Synthesis of DNA: Choline with other vitamins involved in the process of DNA synthesis.
  • Keep nervous system healthy: Choline is an important nutrient that makes the acetylcholine neurotransmitter that is helpful in muscle movement, heartbeat regulation, memory and many other functions of the body.

The Bottom Line

Choline is a basic nutrient that is compulsory for ideal health. It plays a vital role in the functioning of liver, brain and heart. Its deficiency is improved by eating choline-rich foods like vegetables, eggs and dairy products.


Role Of Vitamin B5

In human life, vitamin B5 is one of the main vitamins it is also called pantothenic acid. It supports the conversion of consumed food into energy and crucial for the generation of blood cells. It is necessary for energy production as well as many other processes.

  • Keep healthy eyes, skin and hairs
  • It maintains the digestive system healthy
  • Enhance the nervous system and liver functioning
  • Transport oxygen throughout the body by the production of red blood cells

Sources of vitamin B5

A balanced diet is important for an adequate amount of vitamin B5 that keep a healthy life. Actually pantothenic means “everywhere” because it is available in the number of food sources. It is obtained from natural sources like vegetables, cereals, meat, dairy products, eggs, mushrooms, yoghurt and beans etc. It also obtained from supplements like the nitric shock is the best option to maintain health. Its daily use is different for different age groups as mentioned on the product. It is mostly used in combination with other vitamins in the form of the vitamin B complex.

Functions of Vitamin B5

It has a number of significant functions these includes;

  • Conversion of food into glucose that is the best source of energy
  • Support the energy, it retains the energy level in the body by different sources such as the production of hormones from the adrenal glands, and conversion of chemical energy
  • Supports the joints health, it is helpful in reducing the morning stiffness and discomfort of joints
  • Involve in the synthesis and healthy management of cholesterol
  • Stress and sex-related hormones formation
  • Red blood cell formation
  • Synthesis of Coenzyme A that is crucial in the conversion of food into cholesterol and fatty acids. It is important to metabolize the toxins from the body and chemical signalling inside the cell
  • Helps to maintain the healthy digestive system
  • It is important in skincare because it is helpful in the reduction of facial acne and acts as a skin moisturizer
  • It lowers the cholesterol and fat level from the blood
  • It is helpful in repairing wounds and rebuilding of tissues
  • It boosts up the immunity


Benefits of Magnesium

  • By regulation of calcium transport
  • It gives powerful antioxidants protection from the free radicals
  • Promote the nerve and muscle health
  • It keeps the arteries lining smooth and elastic
  • It boosts the activity of the cardiovascular system
  • It maintains healthy blood pressure and circulation
  • Support the muscle relaxation
  • Reduce the tiredness and fatigue of muscles


Good Reasons To Choose Magnesium

  • Support the bones strength
  • Healthy for concentration and memory enhancing
  • Prevent the muscle cramps
  • Maintains the bone and teeth structure
  • Helps indigestion
  • It helps in sleep disorders and depression
  • It reduces the migraines
  • It reduces the risk of colorectal cancer
  • Reduce the insomnia conditions
  • Reduce the leg discomfort
  • Help in weight loss
  • Help in safe detoxification
  • Increase the cellular level of calcium
  • Improve the deep sleep pattern

Magnesium is considered as the basic component of life.

It is the most beneficial mineral that transports the electric charge when electrolytes dissolve in the blood but most of the magnesium is stored in the bones by binding to the proteins. Blood holds a small amount of magnesium while bones have a higher concentration. For different enzymatic functions magnesium plays a key role and help in muscle functions.it is important for the metabolism of calcium and magnesium


What Is Creatine Malate?

It is a combination of one molecule of malic acid with three molecules of creatine, so it is compound form. It is better soluble in water with greater stability as compared to monohydrate thus in an acidic condition of the digestive tract it is more resistant. Malic acid has a crucial role in the energy cycle because naturally found in the Krebs cycle. It produces higher concentration if ATP molecules above the other creatine monohydrate. Creatine malate enhances the volume and strength of muscles. Recent research reported that the use of creatine malate significantly increased the muscle mass, the volume of the cell and reduces the adipose tissue. It widely improves ATP production and strengthens the overall muscular system.

Athletes used the natural supplement of creatine to enhance the energy level. Due to its safety and effectiveness, it is one of the most popular supplements used for muscle building and strengthens. It increased energy production and enhances athletic muscle strength and performance. It has no side effect on the digestive system and performs as the buffer of lactic acid.

 For powerful working, it rapidly reloads the ATP. In every muscle cell of the creatine, malate provides nutrients with no side effects like stomach bloating, imbalance sugar level, no weight gain etc. After exercise, there is nothing prior thing than the creatine that relaxes and pumps the muscle. Creatine supplements are necessary after exercise to restore the creatine level in the body, it avoids muscle fatigue and hardness. It increases the muscle thickness and density. It absorbs immediately after consuming thus have quick response and beneficial effects on health. The recommended dose for daily use is 2-10 gram but for the better results should take 1 scoop with water before and after exercise

Beneficial effects of Creatine malate on the body

1. Helps Muscle Cells Produce More Energy

The use of creatinine escalates the fat-free muscle mass and creatine supplements elevate muscle phosphocreatine stores in the body too. Phosphocreatine involves in the formation of new ATPs; the key molecule is used by cells for energy and other basic functions of life. During exercise, ATPs are broken down to produce energy.

The rate of ATPs resynthesized limits your ability to perform continually at maximum intensity. In other words, the consumption of ATPs is faster than that of reproduction.

Creatine supplements not only elevate the level of phosphocreatine stores but also allowing them to produce more ATPs during high-intensity exercise. This is the primary mechanism that is responsible for the efficient performance of creatine. Supplements having creatine provides additional ATPs that improve high-intensity exercise performance.

2. Supports Many Other Functions in Muscles

Creatine is a well renowned and effective supplement for fat-free muscle mass production in the body. It can permute many cellular pathways that lead to new muscle growth. For example, it improves the evolution of proteins that creates new muscle fibres.

It can also upraise the levels of IGF-1, a growth factor responsible for increasing muscle mass. Creatine supplements can aggravate the water content of muscles. This is known as cell volumization that swiftly increases muscle size.

In addition, some studies suggest that creatine decreases the level of myostatin, a molecule responsible for stunting muscle growth. Reducing myostatin can help to build muscle faster. Creatine can stimulate several key biological processes that lead to increased muscle growth and size.

3. Improves High-Intensity Exercise Performance

Creatine a direct role in ATPs production means it can dramatically upgrade high-intensity exercise performance.

Creatine helps to improve, including:

  • Strength
  • Ballistic power
  • Sprint ability
  • Muscle endurance
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Muscle mass
  • Recovery
  • Brain performance

Unlike supplements that have an advanced impact on athletes, creatine also benefits us regardless of our fitness level. One review found that it improves high-intensity exercise performance by up to 15%. Creatine is the world’s most effective supplement for high-intensity sports. It offers benefits regardless of current fitness level.

4. Speeds up Muscle Growth

The world’s most effective supplement for adding muscle mass is creatine.

Taking it for as few as 5–7 days has been shown a significant increase in lean body weight and muscle size.

This initial rise in muscle size is due to an increase in water content in muscle cells.

Over the long term, it provides aids in muscle fibre growth by signalling biological pathways and boosting the gym work out. In a six-week training regimen study, participants who used creatine gained 4.4 pounds (2 kg) more muscle mass, on average, than the control group. Similarly, a comprehensive review demonstrated a clear difference in muscle mass for those taking creatine and those who perform the same training regimen without creatine.

This review concluded that creatine is one of the best available supplements. It is economical and far safer and better than most other sports supplements. Creatine can increase both short- and long-term muscle mass. It is the most effective muscle-building supplement available.

5. May Help With Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a significant reduction in the level of dopamine (neurotransmitter) in the brain.

Large dopamine reduction can cause the death of brain cells and several serious symptoms, including tremors, muscle dysfunction, and speech impairments. Creatine has been prevented remarkably a great loss in dopamine levels that is 90% in mice suffering from Parkinson’s disease. To avoid the loss of muscle function and strength, people with Parkinson’s recommended weight training.

In Parkinson’s disease, a combination of creatine and weight training is better to improve strength and daily life function to a greater extent than training alone.

However, a recent analysis found that Parkinson’s patients who were taking 4–10 grams dose of creatine per day didn’t get significant outputs to improve daily life activities. Creatine may reduce some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by improving muscle strength and function. However, certain studies observe no effects.

6. May Fight Other Neurological Diseases

The reduction of phosphocreatine in the brain is the major reason for several neurological diseases.

Creatine level is inversely proportional to the disease progression.

Mice with Huntington’s disease, creatine restored the brain phosphocreatine up to  72% of pre-disease levels, compared to 26% for control mice.

This restoration of phosphocreatine helps to maintain daily life functions and reduced cell death around about 25%.

According to research, creatine supplements may also treat other diseases, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain or spinal cord injuries

ALS a disease that affects the motor neurons essential for movement. Creatine can improve motor functions, manage muscle loss and draw out survival rate about 17%.

Although more studies are needed in humans, many researchers believe that creatine supplements act as a fortification against neurological diseases when used along with conventional medicines.  Animal studies suggest that creatine can help with symptoms, disease progression and life expectancy in neurological diseases.

What Is Creatine Monohydrate ?

We present you creatine from NITRIC SHOCK that has our desired amount of creatine.

We prepared the special product named as a nitric shock that has creatine as well highest bioavailability of magnesium.

It’s must-have creatine monohydrate in your training bag! Go grab you can, when you still. can!


Creatine monohydrate is defined as a combination of the creatine and water molecule. It is the most standard and recognized supplement that chemically well stable and tested. From many years it used by athletes and sportsman as a best sports supplement. It has the ability to bind and preserve the water amount in the body thus it avoids to use in the patients with renal failure and urinary tract complications. Mainly it reaches to muscle cell by two sources;

  • From liver to muscles cell through naturally synthesis process
  • By taking a daily dose of creatine supplements

Creatine synthesis is a long-term procedure in the body, but it reaches to the cells immediately.it forms the ATP after entering into mitochondria from the fibre cells of muscles. Creatine compound is involved in protein synthesis and acts as a major source of energy transmitters.

In mitochondria, it attaches with the ATP molecule and changes them into phosphocreatine, after this it transport to ATP target where interruption arises. Thus the ATP molecules transfer to the body in the form of phosphocreatine and in various anabolic hormones ATP molecules shows action on the receptors of the membrane. It initiates the synthesis of protein and production of energy, It maintains the pH level in the cells by anti-catabolic effect and after severs exercise it removes the acidic reactions from the muscles. It has mechanical stability and resistance to the enzymes of the digestive system. It mostly appears in the form of TCM, Tri-creatine and di-creatine malate.

Athlete’s practically used in every gym on a regular basis. Nitric shock is the best supplement that contains a sufficient amount of creatine and di-creatine malate that enhance the effectiveness and provide the extra amount of energy.

Best creatine monohydrate

A large number of products are available in the market that has a good amount of creatine monohydrate. It is our choice which product is best for us .almost we prefer a product that contains the best creatine monohydrate. Monohydrate is less expensive but it preserves the water in the body while Malate is expensive but it has better quality to build the muscle mass.


& Phosphate

A large number of minerals are found that plays different roles in different ways like in maintenance of muscle mass, physical functions and strengthening of muscles. Minerals are considered as the basic nutrient that is important in the treatment of sarcopenia and maintains healthy ageing. During resting state, extra ATP produce ADP and creatine phosphate and transport energy to the creatine.when in muscle contraction occur creatine phosphate transport back energy to the creatine in the form of ATP. Phosphorylated form creatine is the creatine that stores the energy. Muscles rapidly use this stored energy during the metabolic reaction.ATP molecule is essential for the contraction of muscles and it generates by transfer of phosphate molecule to the ADP.


L-Arginine is an amino acid having many vital functions particularly in the bodybuilding and for athletes. According to its fitness effects, it is necessary to be familiar with supplementary uses of L- Arginine. This information attunes us towards the uses and benefits of supplements.

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid due to its muscle and bodybuilding aspects according to gym trainer and specialists.

L-Arginine is an aminoacid like many others having a basic role in protein synthesis. In the body, it gets changes into nitric oxide which then moves to blood circulation. In blood, it improves circulation as well as helps to relax body muscles and reduces fatigue.

L-Arginine has many important functions in bodybuilding and muscle working so it can be used as a supplement. Importance of its supplements can be evaluated by its scientific values as well as through technical studies.

L-Arginine itself and its available salts of Alpha-Ketoglutarate have many beneficial effects for gym and bodybuilder athletes. Its salt Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, a gym supplement, is a combination of Alpha-Ketoglutarate and Arginine, has particularly beneficial effects in the workout. It helps to enhance workout performances and also decreases the toxicity of ammonia in the body.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate improves the nitric oxide production in the liver which ultimately improves muscle building and workout performances. It may also amplify the working of nutritional supplements in it as Creatine. Another speciality of this supplement is to reduce the toxicity of ammonia in the body because ammonia is a very reactive species and causes muscle exhaustion and fatigue. It improves endurance and exercise ability which ultimately helps to keep your body in shape builds muscle mass.

Apart from these, there are so many beneficial effects of L-Arginine supplements and its salts. As it can also improve creatine effects so which attracts the customers more.

Uses Of L-Arginine

1) Makes Nitric Oxide

In body L-Arginine transported to the liver, where it increases the production of nitric oxide which improves the blood circulation. Increased blood flow towards muscles, improves muscle efficiency. L-Arginine supplement also stimulates delivery of nutrients to muscles through circulation.

It can also improve muscle pumps activity which enhances the oxygen supply to muscles for metabolism and then increases protein synthesis in muscles.

Increases blood flow to muscles and circulation throughout widened the blood vessels and causes them to more relax so can facilitate with increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles. L-Arginine supplements increase metabolic rate which helps to reduce body fat and building of lean muscle mass in the body.

Nitric oxide produced by L-Arginine improves the thermogenesis process (Heat production) and use of energy so avoid fat buildup in the body.

2) For Growth Hormone

Growth hormones L-Arginine stimulating the growth hormones that help in improve workout performances, stamina and strength. L –Arginine is an amino acid is advance hormone releaser. With the age in bodybuilders since growth hormone production declines in the body that leads to extra body fat and fewer muscles strength.

Individually the age group of 25-45 year old is their basic body requirement. So we can do it better with the source of dependable L-Arginine source.

3) For Glucose

Healthy glucose metabolism is supported by L-Arginine. It simply converts the glucose into unessential energy, it reduces the storage of fat that helps in structure further muscles. It improved workout muscles performances and strength.

4) Makes CreatinE

Creatine in the liver and kidney is made by the three amino acids and one of the three amino acids is L-Arginine. In the production of creatine, L-Arginine is important in releasing energy at the first stage. As we know, 95% creatine is stored in muscles that are the great source of energy levels, additive L-Arginine is even more important.

Highest muscular workout performances are improved when creatine is combined with L-Arginine is a must improve the muscles performances.

5) Makes L-Glutamate

Glutamine synthesis is synthesized by the basic amino acid L-Arginine, that guarding the immune system during the workout.

6) For TShe Bones And Wounds

L-proline is a type of amino acids and L-Arginine is an essential part of it. It has a vital role in the cell, tissue repairing and formation of collagen. Collagen is important for joints thus are beneficial with L-Arginine workout. T

7) Reduces Chest Discomfort

It has a vital role in maintaining the health of the heart and is also a good vasodilator thus essential for heart health. It reduces the discomfort of the chest and enhances the level of workout tolerance. After hard exercise, it speeds up the recovery time.

To Conclude!

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid with a lot of benefits on its own as well as it acts as a supplement with other amino acids and protein with effective uses.

Most effective step of choosing L-Arginine as a supplement is its fitness and smart look actions. So to decide it to take as a supplement, one must know its best supplementary effects and safe delivery to the cells.

So the most recommended form of L-Arginine as the supplement is MFF L- Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG). MFF L- Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a registered product which will give the best-specified supplement actions so do not confuse it with other supplements. It helps the customer to buy and use the supplement by relating it to the quality and its specified product named as the MFF L-Arginine AAKG.


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

Salt of arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate acid known as arginine alpha-ketoglutarate it is mostly used as a supplement of bodybuilding and strengths the muscles.

The Benefits Of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

These are the dietary supplement containing arginine amino acid, protein building blocks and a compound of alpha-ketoglutarate that cause the breakdown of amino acids and sugars. These components perform the various functions and give benefits to the body

  • It may increase the anaerobic exercise
  • Have potential anti-cancer activity
  • Stimulate the blood pressure
  • It causes the detoxification of ammonia
  • It causes cell growth and proliferation
  • It has a vital role in energy production
  • Enhance the vascular homeostasis
  • Better supplement safety.
  • It also helps in muscle contraction



It is a type of non-essential amino made within the body so have no need to gain from the food source. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of proteins and mostly used to enhance the exercise ability and performance in athletes. In growing body beta-alanine is helpful in building of muscle mass and improves the physical activity. It is also known as beta-amino acids or non-essential amino acids.

Possibly Effective For…

Current studies show that the use of beta-alanine increased the physical functions and strengthens the muscle after heavy exercise. It reduces muscle fatigue and tiredness. Our research shows that our special product named as a nitric shock that consists of creatine, beta-alanine, monohydrate, alpha-ketoglutarate, arginine and some amount of caffeine improves the fat-free muscle mass. It produces the energy and strength of the muscle cells. It increased the intensity of cardiovascular system and boosts the endurance of muscles. In the body it acts as an acid buffer because after ingestion of beta-alanine it converts into carnosine molecules, these molecules in the cells stored and lowers the pH. Increased the concentration of carnosine helpful in the in decrease the produce lactic acid after exercise. Beta-alanine is an amino acid that is changed into other chemicals that affect muscle activity. It produces energy by breaking of glucose and glycogen.

Uses and Effectiveness of Beta-alaninE

  • It improves athletic performance
  • Increase the physical activity of the body
  • It reduces the symptoms of menopause
  • Use of Beta-alanine reduce the sarcopenia
  • It improves the jumping power and shooting speed
  • It reduces lactic acid production in the muscles
  • It enhances the cognitive power in stress conditions


Possible Health Benefits Of Caffeine

  • In japan investigators revealed that “memory increased by the use of caffeine”. A study shows that 200mg daily use of caffeine tablet helps to enhance memory.
  • After exercise crabs assorted with caffeine helps to replace the concentration of glycogen  rapidly from the strength of muscle
  • When caffeine is taken as a caffeine enema it detoxifies the liver and purifies the colon
  • During driving time caffeine keeps you alert and  control the sleep
  • In bald women and men, caffeine stimulates the growth of hairs
  • After exercise muscles, pain is reduced by the use of caffeine up to 48%
  • In the reduction of pain linked with sleep, less caffeine is helpful
  • Parkinson’s disease may be protected by using caffeine
  • The constituency of Alzheimer’s may also reduce by caffeine
  • By using caffeine energy level increased in exercise
  • Eyelid spasm and cataracts protected via coffee that is taken by caffeine
  • The latest study found that skin cancer may be prevented by the intake of caffeine. In caffeine, drinkers have a lower risk of melanoma development
  • It lowers the risk of suicide in the people who use caffeine regularly
  • Caffeine plays a role in the reduction of fatty liver
  • It lowers the fibrosis risk in hepatitis c patients
  • Caffeine lowers the risk of kidney stones.it shows a protective effect in disease development
  • It increases the metabolic rate and prevents the body from weight gain.
  • Caffeine is helpful in the reduction of chronic inflammation
  • It strengthens the heart muscles and best for heart health
  • Use of small amount of caffeine in premature infants enhance the functioning of the lung and increase the survival rate
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes